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What is Playmobilize?

Playmobilize is a website about Marc van Kasteren's Playmobil collection. He specializes in creating custom army units with Playmobil figures, around this he builds large scenes which he photographs and posts on Playmobilize once in a while.

Technical requirements

Marc wanted a site that had to be very usable: Design was not very important, he wanted to use white and black as colors and "Impact" as a font. In addition, the site should offer possibilities to see "themes" and "units", these are related to each other and through both, therefore, you also had to be able to navigate to either the corresponding theme or units. In addition, with units you had to be able to filter by some information, such as the time period the army unit is from.

Behind all these options for the end user is also a dashboard; through here Marc can easily manage the site and add, delete and/or edit content.

Tech stack

I used several techniques to build this site:

  • Plain PHP8.2
  • BootstrapCSS
  • MySQL / PDO
  • A bit of plain Javascript