Snippetjar is an own made project for the last semester of my first year computer science.

Why I built Snippetjar

For the final semester of my first year of computer science, I had to work on my own project for 16 weeks. Because of this, I decided to build Snippetjar, a platform that had to be used by individual programmers to store their programming problems and solutions so that they could be found again later. This was also the reason why I started to build Snippetjar. I often came across the same problem while programming, but I always forgot to write down the solution I used to solve the problem. This meant that I constantly had to look for the same solution again, which was very time-consuming, so I thought: surely there is a better way of solving this.

Why Snippetjar was good for my personal development

I think that building Snippetjar has been very good for my personal development, as I have gone through quite a few technical developments in the 16 weeks I have been working on this project. First, I started learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails for this project, which I (tried to) build a few small things in, including an authentication API. Due to some setbacks, we then switched as a group to Laravel, in which I also developed myself by getting to know SQL and Eloquent (Laravel's Query Builder) more extensively, among other things. During this project, I also focused on writing high-quality code, for example file structures and code structures in React.

Techniques I used