Haalnuaf is a project I made during the corona crisis to help local shopkeepers.

Why I built Haalnuaf

I built Haalnuaf with Noah Taheij to help entrepreneurs during the corona crisis. These entrepreneurs were able to start a small online webshop via Haalnuaf, so that their customers could continue shopping in the Netherlands during the temporary closure of shops.

What is haalnuaf

Haalnuaf is a platform that makes it possible for entrepreneurs to start up a small online shop for a click and collect system. Through this webshop, customers can place an order with the shopkeeper, after which he/she will immediately reserve a time slot to collect the order.

What I did for the project

For haalnuaf I designed the entire design, after which I built the entire frontend with Vue.JS in combination with the API written by Noah.

Techniques I used