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I'm Justian

I am Justian Spijkerbosch. A full-stack programmer from Apeldoorn, Netherlands. I have been a hobby programmer for a number of years and since mid 2021 I have been studying computer science in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Besides programming I like to play Handball and I am occasionally busy with light and sound technique. Besides that I also like to visit random things.

In my spare time, I also work in the evenings and sometimes during the day at the Hoge Veluwe National Park, behind the cash register.


I completed my higher general professional education (HAVO) in 2021 in the Netherlands. After this, I am going to study at the higher vocational education (HBO) focused on Computer Science, this study I will complete if everything goes well in 2024 after which I will get my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

During my study at the higher professional education I have always been a volunteer for my school as a light and sound technician, where I gained knowledge of the Behringer X32 and a Showtec 1024 Pro light table.


I have been programming for about seven years now. The first few years were filled with making very simple sites with HTML, CSS and Javascript. But since a number of years, I have really taken up programming actively: A few years back, I started learning NodeJS and PHP and thus also learned to develop backend applications. At the moment, I have gained knowledge of programming languages such as PHP, Javascript and Python. And I can find my way in a lot of frontend frameworks like React, Svelte and Vue.JS.

What I like most is designing websites/webshops/webapps in a tool such as figma and then later realising this in a javascript library such as React using a CSS framework such as tailwind. To make it even more fun, I also like to build an API behind this to have the entire full stack experience built by myself.


My complete education walktrough.

Hogeschool Utrecht

Aug. 2021 - now

I'm currently studying Computer Science at the Hogeschool Utrecht in Utrecht, the Netherlands. If everything goes well I will get my bachelor in Computer Science at the middle of 2024.

At the Hogeschool of Utrecht, I am doing a study called OPEN-ICT. What this basically means is that I have 4 different periods per year where I work with a fixed group on a project per period. For the rest everything is relatively free: for example, I can choose what programming language I want to use and what user stories I want to tackle.

Veluws College Walterbosch

Aug. 2015 - July 2021

Veluws College Walterbosch was my secondary school. This was the place where I was introduced to programming and where I spent most of my currently memorable life. In six years time, I graduated with honours from the Higher General Secondary Education (HAVO). With a curriculum focused on the beta subjects (physics, chemistry and mathematics).


A short overview of the programming languages/frameworks or tools I have knowledge of.