Justian Spijkerbosch 😄

Freelance full stack developer

Welcome at my site 👋. I am a highly motivated computer science student from the Netherlands and a freelance full stack developer. I focus on developing websites, webapps and native mobile apps and building great user friendly experiences around them.

1000+ commits
3 projects
10000+ lines

In my daily life, I follow a computer science study and I am currently doing an internship at MrBoost. In addition, as an indie hacker / solo entrepreneur I build on different projects. I am also active as a freelance developer, for which you can hire me.

My work

These are some of the most recent projects I have worked on. I can also help you with your (future) project, I specialize in designing and developing custom websites, web apps and mobile apps. In addition, I can write whole backend systems so I can write the backend or API for your new project.