from the Netherlands.

I'm Justian Spijkerbosch. A fullstack developer from the Netherlands,
i'm well known with a lot of programming technologies, like Next.JS and NestJS.

Picture of myself, Justian Spijkerbosch

I am.

I am Justian. A full-stack developer whose great passion lies in programming front-end projects. Nevertheless, I am also very interested in programming backend projects. Besides programming, I study computer science in Utrecht (the Netherlands) and I play handball in Apeldoorn at AHV Achilles.


As I said, my great passion lies in front-end development. And what I particularly enjoy doing is designing websites and/or web apps. With the likes of Figma and Adobe XD.


I also enjoy developing APIs and logic behind my front-end solutions. Therefore, a big hobby of mine is programming itself.


I have been playing handball for 8 seasons now. To this day, I find it one of the most enjoyable sports I have ever played.


This is a short overview of the last three projects I worked on.


Barber-App is a project I made together with a team for school.

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Engreux102 is my neighbour's holiday home for which I designed and realised a website.

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Haalnuaf is a project I made during the corona crisis to help local shopkeepers.

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